Girl Scouts retiring flag

A Dignified Retirement for the American Flag

“What should I do with my old, worn-out United States flag?” is one of the most frequently asked questions at our flag store.  Those who are familiar with All The King’s Flags know that they can bring us their... Read more
Pine tree flag

A Flag For a Season – or a Reason?

A flag for the holiday season? This might seem like a classic “Christmas Tree” flag, but in fact, it is an historic American flag, first appearing around 1775.  Oddly enough, it is known as “The Pine Tree Flag” or... Read more

Symbol of Hope, Pride and Sacrifice

Have you seen this flag somewhere, perhaps flying on a residential pole or hanging in the front window of a home?  Some people are confused about its meaning, and very few among us can remember when and why it... Read more

United Nations Day

October 24 is United Nations Day, so designated in 1948 to honor the anniversary of the founding of the United Nations in 1945.  The United Nations emblem on the flag represents its ultimate goal: world peace.  The olive branches,... Read more
Washington DC flag

George W – Who Knew?

The face of George Washington, on the flag of the state of Washington, is known to most Americans (who remember American History 101). But George plays a part – albeit much more obscure – in the history of another U.S.flag: the... Read more

The Flag of China – An Unusual History

On this day, October 1, 1949, the first flag of the newly founded People’s Republic of China was adopted and hoisted on a pole overlooking Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.  The flag was actually chosen as the result of a competition... Read more
Dont Give Up the Ship

Don’t Give Up the Ship!

It could be a contemporary political slogan, but in fact, it is a famous phrase uttered by the dying Captain of the USS Chesapeake, during the War of 1812. Captain James Lawrence lay mortally wounded aboard his ship, in the... Read more
we work for America

Labor Day: Honoring American Workers

It is ironic that today, amidst talk of the need for jobs and WORK, there is an effort to diminish, if not destroy, the foundation of early American workers and the “founders” of Labor Day – the labor unions.  Perhaps politicians and... Read more
Olympic flame 2012

The Olympics: A Patriotic Fire

From the flag bearers in the opening ceremonies to buddies cheering on their soccer team at the neighborhood pub, the Olympics kindle the patriotic fire as nothing else can.  What country could have been more proud than Great Britain... Read more
Hawaii flag

Happy Ka Hae Hawaiʻi Day

If you’re Hawaiian, or lived there – or are living there now – you know what this means: Happy Hawaiian Flag Day!  July 31st was officially declared Hawaiian Flag day in 1990 by then Governor John D. Waihee III... Read more