An Effective – Inexpensive – Way to Advertise

U.S President Calvin Coolidge once said. “Advertising is the life of trade” Certainly our modern business community agrees with this thought. In 2008, $412.4 billion, was spend on advertising and marketing in the United States, with the advertising portion alone reaching $249.1 billion, according to the annual spending report published by Outsell, Inc(

Many businesses today want to add new life to their advertising program – something innovative and effective – yet affordable. Certainly the internet has added a new dimension to advertising.  But effective advertising doesn’t have to be “new”. One reliable advertising fundamental which never grows old or outdated, comes straight from “Advertising 101”: get your name in front of the customer. No matter how clever your advertising campaign, time, money and energy are simply thrown to the wind if your audience doesn’t know who you are.

Consider this innovative, effective and yes – inexpensive – way to get your name seen:  flags!  Put your company logo on a custom flag.  Here are just a few ways that custom logo flags can benefit your advertising campaign:

 MORE EFFECTIVE THAN A NEON SIGN: Displayed outdoors, the animated, waving motion of your custom logo flag is a natural attention-grabber, instantly and beautifully getting your name in front of everyone passing nearby. Even with the lightest breeze, a logo or custom flag goes to work for you – at a fraction of the cost of regular signage. Flags can be folded up and easily packed in a suitcase for trade shows and conventions with none of the usual transportation expense.

EASY AND INEXPENSIVE:  Custom logo flags can be produced in a variety of fabrics and sizes using vector graphics or digital art files, at a very low cost. For example, a standard 3 x 5 foot flag, made of outdoor quality nylon with a canvas heading and brass grommets, using digital imaging, can be produced for under $100.

DIGNITY AND SOPHISTICATION: Indoors, in a meeting room, office or auditorium, a custom logo flag or banner strengthens and reinforces your image in the eyes of your audience and visitors.

PRIDE: A custom logo flag is a great way to show pride in your company. Custom logo flags can be produced as small as 4 x 6 inches, mounted on a 10” staff and shared with business partners and customers as a form of appreciation – and to help keep your company name in their mind.

Learn more about custom logo flags for your company, club or sports team:  Custom Flag Special 


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