Happy Ka Hae Hawaiʻi Day

If you’re Hawaiian, or lived there – or are living there now – you know what this means: Happy Hawaiian Flag Day!  July 31st was officially declared Hawaiian Flag day in 1990 by then Governor John D. Waihee III and has been celebrated each year ever since.  Hawaiians can thank the efforts of the staff at the Pu`ukohola Heiau National Historic Site on Hawaii’s Big Island who were responsible, in large part, for this proclamation.

 The flag of Hawaii came into existence long before the declaration of Hawaiian Flag Day.  In 1816, Kamehameha the Great commissioned the Hawaiian flag which has represented Hawaii for over 180 years.  He was the Chief responsible for taking control of the island chain and establishing systems of government, commerce, etc.  Although Hawaii’s independence was briefly challenged in 1843 by Lord Paulette, it’s sovereignty and flag were officially recognized and restored (by the British) on July 31st, 1843. The Hawaiian flag is the only state flag ever to have flown over a kingdom, a territory, a republic, and, finally, a state. The eight alternating white, red and blue stripes represent the eight islands ofHawaii. The British Union Jack represents Hawaii’s historical relationship with Great Britain as its protectorate.

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