The Olympics: A Patriotic Fire

From the flag bearers in the opening ceremonies to buddies cheering on their soccer team at the neighborhood pub, the Olympics kindle the patriotic fire as nothing else can.  What country could have been more proud than Great Britain of Andy Murray’s long sought-after gold victory at Wimbledon?  Jamaicans would say that nothing could be greater than their pride in Usain Bolt’s 100-meter flash for gold. It’s true that individual countries have occasional events which spark national pride – NASA’s Curiosity rover successfully landing on Mars was certainly a proud American moment recently. The unique quality of the Olympic Games, however, is that world countries forget their differences and stand united in space and time, glowing with national pride as their athletes compete.

 Here in the United States, there can be no doubt that the Olympics have fanned the patriotic fire.  One way it can be seen, and even measured (unscientifically!), is in the sales of American flags. Really?  Just ask us, at All The King’s Flags!

Olympics spur flag sales at Valley store

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