Don’t Give Up the Ship!

Dont Give Up the ShipIt could be a contemporary political slogan, but in fact, it is a famous phrase uttered by the dying Captain of the USS Chesapeake, during the War of 1812. Captain James Lawrence lay mortally wounded aboard his ship, in the early summer of 1813, but told his remaining crew, “Don’t give up the ship!”  They were vastly overpowered, though, and lost the ship to the British HMS Shannon and its crew.  Later that same summer, his good friend, Oliver Hazard Perry, created his own battle flag, with the words, “Don’t Give Up the Ship”, in memory of Capt. Lawrence, hoping to inspire his sailors as they went to battle.  He was given the assignment of stopping the British from shipping supplies from their position in Detroit across Lake Erie.  After a grueling battle, his ship, the Lawrence, was nearly destroyed.  He shifted his crew – and flag – to a new ship, the Niagara, and was able to turn the battle, eventually dealing a decisive loss to the Crown.  For nearly 200 years, the famous flag, now known as the Commodore Perry flag, has continued to inspire all those who serve their country, especially those in the United States Navy.×5-solar-max-200-denier-nylon-ou.aspx

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